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Grand Challenges of the Future (White Paper)

Papers · January 25th, 2011

Grand Challenges of the Future for Environmental Modeling. M. Bruce Beck, Principal Investigator. Published in August 2009.

(Executive Summary │ Entire Document)

The White Paper has been prepared for the US National Science Foundation (NSF) in the setting of its several Environmental Observatory initiatives.

The Environmental Observatories (EOs) of the US National Science Foundation (NSF) promise to bring unprecedented streams of observations to bear on Environmental Science in the decades to come. This ambition is to be realized through an equally unprecedented advance in our collective environmental cyber-infrastructure, including novel sensors and sensor technologies.

Mathematical and computational models are intrinsically generic entities, cutting across specific, disciplinary boundaries, in particular here, those of the Observatories in the Ocean Sciences (ORION), Ecology (NEON), Hydrology and Environmental Engineering (WATERS Network). Indeed, such is distinctively the raison d’être of this journal. What new opportunities for research might these EOs present for environmental modeling, then, especially where those opportunities benefit greatly from the cross-cutting, collaborative, integrative style of model building? To answer this question a White Paper has been prepared. Its thirteen Grand Challenges for environmental modeling span the three domains of: science, policy, and society.

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